I was first introduced to a Saab 93 and Bay Horse Saab, some 3 years ago.

The 93 is a great experience,But the service and after care you get from Peter and his team @ Bay Horse are of a greater experience!

After 103K miles the 93 has been good, a couple of niggles with the car, but ZERO with the service and most of all attention that the service staff gave me.

Although the car was not supplied by Bay Horse, but another dealer in a different county, at no time did Bay Horse point out that they did not supply the car, they just got on with the job, which started with a smile and ended with a smile!

I visited your site, the other week and looked @ the new 93 Sport wagon, of which another member of your team Carl, was on hand, with yet again a smile and attention was superb, he was also made aware that I would have to order a new vehicle from another dealership, he just carried on, but you will get the service, which is of utmost importance to ME!

So, Tim, thank your team!

Roger Dickinson
Country manager
Technical Concepts.

Dear Tim,

I would like to say that I am very pleased with my new vehicle PN55 OHK.

The ride and build quality are both superb. Considering I selected this vehicle without even a test drive, was solely down to the service and support offered by your staff and management.  Please also convey my thanks to Carl who was very instrumental in organising the car of my choice.

Best regards
Steve Pye

Dear Mr Duckworth,

I would like thank you and congratulate your staff for the excellent service I recently received. On August Bank Holiday Saturday, whilst Margaret and I were preparing to start a holiday in France with our 95 Aero Estate and caravan, I discovered a problem, which turned out to be a failed rear shock absorber. In spite of the lack of spares in stock, the normally short workshop hours on Saturday and the impending closure until the following Tuesday, spare parts were found and collected from Manchester and staff remained after their normal finishing time to fit them. We eventually left for our holiday just 3 hours after we had planned and in time to catch the ferry from Dover.

I can think of many places where the response would have been “We haven’t got the parts and we close in 2 hours. Sorry but we can’t do anything until Tuesday”. Yours was really impressive and special service. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Prof. Philip Bissell

Dear Mr Hird

Re: Purchase of SAAB 93 Aero

I refer to the above and the enclosed quality of service questionnaire. First of all thank you for the high quality of service I received during the purchase of this vehicle. There is insufficient room in the questionnaire to satisfactorily comment on the service provided, so I have taken the opportunity to write this short letter.

I have now been a satisfied SAAB owner for nearly 9 years. The main reason I chose to buy a new SAAB on this occasion was because of the high level of ‘after sales service’ provided by Mr Peter Duckworth and his team, over the years.

Mr Duckworth is always helpful and provides a prompt, professional and very courteous standard of service, which I appreciate greatly. Added to this is the fact I get a great deal of pleasure from driving a SAAB, they are cars of quality and up to this date very reliable.

In respect of the new car, I can only describe it as exhilarating to drive and look forward to owning it for some years to come. Thank you once again and I look forward to seeing you and your staff in the future.

Yours sincerely,

Michael Gradwell

Dear Mr Hird,

We live in a world where people today are very quick to complain when even the slightest problem becomes a major issue. I would like to try and redress the balance somewhat and take this opportunity to thank your staff for the service I received today.

I arrived with my car unannounced and towed in by the AA with a suspected engine management/ignition problem. As we were due to set off on holiday with the car two days later I was concerned you would not have the time or necessary parts to effect a repair.

However before I could communicate any of these worries a job sheet had been completed and your technician was at work under the bonnet. Within an hour I was on my way home and the car was running perfectly. Whether the service I received was your “normal practise” or a “special effort” for a regular customer matters not, it was first class.

Additionally, I was later contacted by the AA patrolman who was curious to know if his diagnosis had been correct. He was impressed with your response time and told me that in his experience of taking vehicles to dealers it could often be days before they were looked at.

Please convey my thanks and gratitude to your staff.

Yours faithfully,
Shaun Morton

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